Friday, September 14, 2012


Why hello there, I am a Sammie. Who or what is a Sammie you might ask? Well, the truth is, I'm still trying to figure that out for myself. Life's experiences change us over time, and I can tell you, I've changed a lot over the last few years. I've had a great life, but you know how it goes....shift happens. I do my best to stay true to who I am, but recently I've had to reevaluate just who that is, and it's proved rather difficult. Thankfully, I have a loving family, supportive friends, and an absolutely wonderful boyfriend who all encourage me and love on me. And it definitely helps to know that there's an amazing God who loves me, even when I do silly, ridiculous things. So I'm not worried about being unsure of who I am, I feel like Doctor Who (SPOILERS) going through regeneration, knowing I need to change but not quite knowing what to expect when I'm done changing. So here I am, blogging away. This is me....and I have no idea who I'll turn out to be in the end.

My hope is that this whole blog thing will be good for me (I'm still new to it mind you), and I'm excited to see what comes of it. I started blogging on another site a few months back, but I've just found this site and enjoy it much more than the other. Here goes round two, stay tuned for my adventures   :)

~Lady of Virtue

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